At Gujarat's Mundra Port Terminal, a large ship capsized, spilling numerous containers into the water | Gujarat News

Publish Date: 08 Jan, 2023 |

At a private jetty close to Gujarat's Mundra Port, a sizable ship half turned. This was a chaotic situation. On this ship, foreign containers were loaded. Capsize has caused damage to the ship. This incident reportedly took place at the DP World Terminal at Mundra Port. The incident happened when the container was being loaded and unloaded. Many containers tumbled into the water as the ship flipped.

Ship was going to Bihar

On the ship, there were 14 stone-load trucks. The truck drivers and porters were also on board with them. The ship was sailing from Sahibganj in Bihar's Katihar district toward Manihari Ghat. The Ganges became out of control for the ship. As a result, nine trucks rolled over on the ship itself, and five trucks plummeted from the ship into the Ganges.

Deputy commissioner gives statement

In this instance, Deputy Commissioner Ramniwas Yadav of Sahibganj stated that the cargo ship had departed from Sahibganj for Manihari in Bihar. The ship in the Ganga river had a technical problem, and it required some time to solve it. He had claimed that a truck kept inside the ship's hold experienced a tire blowout during repairs. Five trucks in a row were submerged in the Ganges as a result of the ship being unstable.


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