Atik's close friend's house in Prayagraj was raided by a bulldozer, weapons were discovered

Publish Date: 01 Mar, 2023 |

The suspects in the Umesh Pal murder case are the subject of legal proceedings by the UP government. The home of Khalid Zafar Ahmed, a neighbour of the accused and mafia Atiq Ahmed, in the Chakia neighbourhood, is being demolished with a bulldozer on Wednesday morning. According to reports, Atiq's family formerly rented out this home to them. By 11.30 am, the action began. From Zafar's home, the police have also retrieved a sword and a firearm.

Zafar gave shelter to the family

The Prayagraj Development Authority crew is tearing down the two-story home of Zafar. The two-story home, which is 200 square yards in size, is estimated to be worth around three crores on the open market. Zafar was the one who offered the mafia family shelter when Atiq Ahmed's home was taken. Zafar is connected to the Mafia Atiq Ahmed gang. He was also a partner in company. Umesh Pal has brought a lawsuit against Zafar.


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