Atiq Ahmed requested in the SC that he not be physically assaulted | Umesh Pal Murder case Prayagraj

Publish Date: 02 Mar, 2023 |

The government of Uttar Pradesh is moving swiftly to retaliate against Atiq Ahmed's close family members who were implicated in the murder of Umesh Pal. Atiq's close friend Khalid Zafar's unlawful property has been destroyed. Also, a large police presence was present at the time. It has been six days since the murder of Umesh Pal; kindly inform that. Moreover, the Supreme Court has officially heard arguments in the Atiq Ahmed security case.

Atiq Ahmed filed a petition

On Wednesday, the Mafia and former MP Atiq Ahmed submitted a plea to the Supreme Court asking for protection. According to the suit, he is concerned about being killed in a phoney police encounter in Uttar Pradesh days after a crucial witness in the 2005 Raju Pal murder case and two of his security guards were shot and killed. His appeal comes the same day a BJP Lawmaker inadvertently raised the prospect. Municipal officials in Prayagraj destroyed a residence belonging to an acquaintance of Atiq Ahmed on Wednesday as well, claiming violations of the civil law and the fact that politicians had previously lived there as well.


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