Avalanche: Video of Heavy Avalanche surfaced at Mount Manaslu Base Camp in Nepal

Publish Date: 02 Oct, 2022 |

A severe avalanche hit Nepal's Manaslu base camp on Sunday morning. According to the information, there is a possibility of major damage in the area. It is being told that many camps have been destroyed due to its grip. Last week also, there was an avalanche in this area. Two people were killed in this. American climber Hillary Nelson was also found dead in this.

No casualities 

So far no casualties have been reported in this incident. According to sources in the base camp, some tents have been destroyed. This incident has been confirmed by Tashi Sherpa. Tashi was trying to climb the eighth highest mountain in the world at a height of 8163 meters. Tashi has also shared the video of this incident.

Problems during rescue operations

Rescue and search operations were carried out in the area by helicopter after a severe avalanche hit Mount Manaslu last week. However, due to bad weather, problems are also facing in the rescue operation. Base camps are set up for the climbers climbing Everest, who have been completely destroyed after being hit by an avalanche.


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