Avatar 2 OTT release date:Avatar the way of water which is the sequel to 2009 released Avatar is heading for an OTT release due next month. The James Cameron directorial has a grand theatrical release on December 16 globally, the film debuted in India in multiple languages including Hindi, English, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, and Kannada. Avatar the way of water within its release managed to secure four Academy award nominations out of which it successfully registered its name for Best Visual Effects category. The film did a record breaking earning on the global box office and now is ready to live the OTT audience spellbound by its magic. Here is everything you need to know about Avatar 2 OTT release.

Avatar 2 OTT release date

Avatar 2 is reportedly having an OTT release on June 7, 2023. In India the film will debut in multiple languages including Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. The Avatar franchise shares a close relationship with India since it derives its inspiration from the country's mythology and belief.

Where to watch Avatar 2 on OTT

Reportedly the OTT giant Disney plus hotstar has cracked the deal to stream Avatar the Way of water for the OTT audience. The film will debut on June 7 in different time zones around the globe. Avatar 2 managed to have the 11th largest opening by minting over  $441.7 million.

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About Avatar 2

Witness the mind-blowing VFX extravaganza in Avatar 2! The visual effects are so astonishing that even James Cameron himself rejected any comparison to the epic Marvel films. As per the film’s storyline Jake Sully, portrayed by the talented Sam Worthington, embarks on a new chapter with his newfound family on the otherworldly moon Pandora. Together with the fierce Neytiri, played by the incredible Zoe Saldaña, and the mighty Na'vi army, they must unite to protect their world from a relentless threat that seeks to finish what was started before.