Azam Demands Security: Azam Khan in danger of life, sought Z category security from the government

Publish Date: 24 Jul, 2022 |

Senior Samajwadi Party leader and former cabinet minister Azam Khan has appealed to the Yogi government to return its 'Z' category security. He said that he and his family are getting threats. In such a situation, their security should be increased. SP leader Azam Khan currently gets Y category security. Earlier in the year 2017, when the BJP government came to power in UP, their security was reduced to 'Y' category security.

Azam Khan getting threats

Azam Khan while talking to the media said that I have received many threats. Many threats have also been given to my family. Therefore, I appeal to the Uttar Pradesh government to return my Z category security. He said that right now I have Y category security which has no relevance. In fact, in 2017, the Yogi government had taken several major decisions regarding the security of VIPs, under which the Z category security of Dimple Yadav, Ram Gopal Yadav and Shivpal Singh Yadav including Azam Khan was reduced to Y category.

Security was withdrawn in 2017

The Z category security given to Azam Khan was withdrawn when the Yogi Adityanath government came to power in 2017. At present, there are many cases going on against Azam Khan. He has returned to Rampur after getting bail from the Supreme Court. Azam Khan was in jail for almost two years.

The security of which category of VIP is to be given, it is assessed in view of the danger. It is the job of the government to provide security when there is danger. Any VIP who is given Z category security is accompanied by 22 security personnel and 5 NSG commandos, while in Y category 11 personnel with 2 commandos and X category 5 or 2 security personnel are deployed.


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