Azam Khan and Abdullah returned Y Level Security, policemen returned from Delhi to Rampur

Publish Date: 26 Sep, 2022 |

Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan and his son Abdullah Azam Khan have returned their security in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh. Both the SP MLAs have removed the policemen engaged in their security. Azam Khan is currently admitted in Medanta Hospital in Delhi and his treatment is going on. According to media reports, the policemen engaged in the security of Azam Khan and Abdullah Azam have returned from Delhi to the Rampur police line. Both the leaders had got Y category security.

ASP comments on the matter

According to Additional Superintendent of Police Sansar Singh, the three gunners were deployed under the protection of Azam Khan. The policemen told in the police line that on 23rd they were engaged in the security of the SP leader at Ganga Ram Hospital. He was told that you guys go back to Rampur. We don't need you. After which all three came to Rampur. The gunners waited for three days, but when the MLA did not come, the policemen made their arrival. 

Additional Superintendent of Police told that the gunner of Azam's son Abdullah has also been searching for him since 22nd, but his and his driver's mobile is switched off. The MLA's location is not available when he goes home. Nor is he given any information. In such a situation, the policeman has also been withdrawn. 

Police has no information about Abdullah and Azam

Police officials said that now the police do not have any information about the two father-son MLAs. The reason behind this has not been revealed yet. He says that when SP leaders are needed, the gunners will be deployed back under their protection. Additional Superintendent of Police further said that at present the location of Azam Khan is not with the police, but according to the gunner, he was in Delhi on 23 September.


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