Baba Ka Bulldozer at Mafia Don Mukhtar Ansari's house, heavy police presence

Publish Date: 05 Mar, 2023 |

Following the event in Prayagraj, the district administration and police have resumed their all-out campaign against Mukhtar Ansari and the other members of his gang in the area. The Mukhtar Ansari gang held Kamlesh Singh in high regard, and he had a building in the city close to the Fulanpur railway crossing. On Sunday morning itself, the district administration's bulldozer began to move towards this structure.

Large police force outside the building

According to District Magistrate Aryka Akhauri's orders, the office was not shut down until Friday. On Saturday, a sizable police contingent arrived, and all of the state tax records contained in the building were safely stored on the grounds of the RTI hostel. On Sunday morning, Sadar SDM, Tehsildar Abhishek Kumar, CO City Gaurav Kumar, and City Kotwal TB Singh arrived to the Phullanpur railway crossing with bulldozers and began dismantling the structure.


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