Baba Purushottamand came out 72 hours after taking Samadhi in Bhopal, devotees performed aarti

Publish Date: 04 Oct, 2022 |

In Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, Baba Purushottamanand Maharaj came out of the three-day Bhoo-Samadhi on Monday. During this, a large number of his devotees and local people gathered. Baba had gone to the samadhi at 10 am on Friday and today at 11.10 am the wooden planks placed over his samadhi were removed and taken out as per the scheduled time. After this, he was consecrated at the samadhi site and aarti was performed.

Baba Purushottamanand Maharaj was not allowed by the police to take samadhi. But later after the Madhya Pradesh Police got the affidavit written, Baba got down in the samadhi. Baba's family members say that Baba is a devotee of the Goddess and he has taken samadhi to show miracles to the people. While this difficult tomb of Baba raised his curiosity, on one hand, it troubled the police administration.

Maharaj's wife comments on the samadhi

Maharaj's wife Chief Sevika Charu Soni said that Babaji had taken samadhi to wish for public welfare. He worshiped the figure Ganesha before taking Samadhi. Baba told his disciples that it was Mother Bhagwati who had inspired them for Bhoom Samadhi. Maharaj's disciples claim that Maharaj has taken 24-hour water samadhi in Maheshwar before this. Have also taken a fire bath.

Maharaj's disciple Roopnarayan Shastri told that Baba gave up food for 10 days to sit in Samadhi. Didn't even drink water for 3 days. The reason for leaving food and water is that it keeps the body healthy. There is no problem during the samadhi.

Reason for Samadhi

Purushottamand Maharaj said that he has to take underground samadhi for world welfare and to come closer to God. He said that the seeker and the Lord are close to each other during samadhi. During this, the human body gets completely connected with its adoration. There is no distance at all between the seeker and God after this. This type of samadhi of Mahatmas has to be taken for public welfare. He claims that before this he has taken water samadhi. During this he was in the water for 12 hours.


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