Bageshwar Baba in Bihar; Lalu preparing to stop Pandit Dhirendra Shastri

Ayushee JoshiPublish Date: 03 May, 2023

Bageshwar Baba Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Vs Tej Pratap Yadav 'ARMY' DSS: Bageshwar Dham’s Pandit Dhirendra Krishna Shastri (Dhirendra Krishna Shastri) will perform a katha in Bihar on May 13. Bajrang Dal, VHP, and RSS organizations are all putting a lot of effort into planning for the occasion. However, Tej Pratap Yadav, the son of the former chief minister and minister of Bihar Lalu Prasad Yadav, has established the DSS (Secular Servants Association). According to rumors, the DSS Sangh will intervene if Pandit Dhirendra Shastri attempts to divide Hindus and Muslims while his Bihar Yatra.

At the Patna airport, Tej Pratap, the minister for the Bihar government and the younger son of Lalu Prasad Yadav, originally said that he would surround Dhirendra Shastri. Tej Pratap, however, not only made a proclamation to obstruct the “Bageshwar Dham Sarkar” but also started getting ready for it. The minister for the Bihar government, Tej Pratap Yadav, has reportedly even organized his own army to respond appropriately. 

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