Banke Bihari Mandir Stampede: Panic at Banke Bihari Temple in Mathura on Janmashtami, two killed

Publish Date: 20 Aug, 2022 |

On Janmashtami, a day when Lord Krishna is worshiped nationwide, a dreadful news broke from the Uttar Pradesh district of Mathura. The sudden panic which broke in the crowd gathered for late-night darshan at Vrindavan's renowned Banke Bihari temple caused the death of 2 people. According to the witness there was a stampede in the temple during the Mangla Aarti of Janmashtami, which is what caused the disaster. In the stampede at the temple, two individuals are reported to have died and numerous others to have been hurt. The injured were sent to a hospital.

Banke Bihari Mandir Stampede incident

SSP Mathura Abhishek Yadav reported that during that time, a sizable group of devotees assembled on the temple grounds for Mangala Aarti at the Vrindavan Banke Bihari Temple. Because of the throng, people's health has deteriorated, resulting in other injuries that require medical attention as well as the deaths of a lady and a male devotee.

Mangala Aarti, the morning's first aarti, is performed between 3 and 4 p.m. Since yesterday, a large number of pilgrims have been coming to the temple to receive darshan. Even during Mangala Aarti, the temple was incredibly busy. Meanwhile, there is talk of a sudden stampede.

The Banke Bihari temple is never empty

In the Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan, there is always a swarm of worshippers from all over the nation and overseas, but the crowd is particularly large on Janmashtami.  Not only this but almost all the temples near Mathura, Vrindavan and the neighboring area remain flooded with the worshippers specially on Janmashtami.



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