Best 3 Yoga Poses To Help Ease With Period Cramps | Menstrual Pain | Ira Trivedi

Publish Date: 03 Nov, 2022 |

Every woman is affected differently by her period. Whatever the cause, it's definitely not a happy one. The top 3 yoga poses that will reduce menstrual discomfort are described in this video by yoga instructor Ira Trivedi. These yoga postures are easy to do and incredibly beneficial. Watch the entire video to find comfort during your difficult times.

Best 3 Yoga Poses To Help Ease With Period Cramps

Baddha Konasana

Bend your knees and let it fall open to the sides as shown in the video. Bring the soles of your feet together and use your hand to open and close them. This asana is also known as titli asana and helps improve your posture as well as regulate blood circulation. As you lengthen and stretch along your spine, this pose activates  your back muscles.

Cyclic Breathing

Cyclic breathing helps relax your mind and reduces stress which is beneficial to reduce period cramps. By alternately inhaling via the lungs and the cheeks, you practise circular breathing.To assist both the mind and the body, circular breathing can be an excellent way to meditate and calm your body muscles.


Immediately beneath your shoulders, place your palms flat on the ground. As you hug them against your sides, straighten your elbows in the rear. Bhujangasana, also known as the Cobra Stretch, is an additional excellent asana that will help you lose extra belly fat. It reduces anxiety and fatigue while easing discomfort.


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