Best At-Home Exercises for Weight Loss for Women I No Equipment Required I Rashmi Rai

Publish Date: 02 Sep, 2022 |

Exercise at home is simple, convenient, and frequently chosen. If you believed that home exercise equipment was necessary in order to lose weight, you are mistaken. Rashmi Rai presents the best exercises you can do at home to burn fat while being at ease in this video. To learn more, watch the video below!

The key to stress relief and the promotion of both healthy physical and mental health is regular exercise. Women who balance family and work obligations frequently don't have enough time to focus on their fitness. So, in this video find out some easy at home exercises for weight loss

Best At-Home Exercises for Weight Loss for Women

Jumping Jacks

Push Ups


Singles Leg Stand

Bridge Posture


Leg Rise

Hands in and out breathing

Hip rotation



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