Best Hacks to Beat the Heat

Publish Date: 10 Jun, 2022 |

Summer is the season to live your best life. Longer days and more sunlight boost our vitamin D, serotonin, and mood. But there is a setback too. The  scorching sun and unbearable heat outside. We sweat, we're uncomfortable, and we're dehydrated before we even leave the house. A simple solution would be to turn on the air conditioning and stay inside until autumn. Unfortunately, things aren't that simple. As a result, we devised a slew of helpful ways to cool off and beat the heat!

How to Beat the Heat in Summers

  1. Keep yourself hydrated- The simple rule of surviving the summer heat is to stay hydrated. Drinking water helps to maintain the amount of fluid in the body that is easily lost through sweating. In all weather conditions, everyone should drink 2 litres of water.

  2. Take Shower- Take shower two times a day to keep yourself fresh and get rid of sweat, dirt and bacteria.

  3. Avoid Caffeine- Caffeine and nicotine consumption can also raise the core temperature of the body. They constrict the blood vessels, causing the blood to warm and make you feel hot and uncomfortable. Cool beverages such as coconut water, lemon water, and fruit juices should be available.

  4. Eating Light Meals- Eating large meals can also cause heat in the body, making you feel uncomfortable. After a big meal, your body is working harder to digest and metabolise the food. This eventually raises your core body temperature and leaves you sweaty and lethargic. In the summer, eat light, freshly prepared meals.

  5. Cotton loose clothes- Wearing tight-fitting, dark-colored clothing can make you sweat more. Choose loose, light-colored cotton clothing if you want to stay cool and avoid excessive sweating. When you wear thick clothing, your sweat does not evaporate. Furthermore, dark colours absorb more light wavelengths, making you feel hotter.


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