Best Time to Eat Dates: Know at what time of the day eating dates can be more beneficial- Watch Video

Publish Date: 28 Oct, 2021

Dates(Khajur) are very nutritious and beneficial for health. They help in curing various diseases and help in maintaining a person’s health. They are not only of great help to the people suffering from Diabetes but the fiber present in Dates also help in keeping a person’s heart healthy. Normally, dates can be consumed at any time of day, but eating them at specific time can have various health benefits.

During Breakfast:

To add natural sugar and fiber in your diet, consuming dates during morning can be an excellent way. The high fiber content in dates help in keeping the macronutrient ratio balanced. Its Carbon, Fat and Protein Structure is beneficial for stomach health.

During Afternoon as Snacks:

Dates are a rich source of fiber and natural sugar. The presence of both of these help in controlling the blood sugar. If you eat them when feeling hungry, they can help in balancing the calories.

Before Workout:

Dates contain more sugar than normal, but it is healthy. In a way, it provides Carbon, which is released slowly and can help in accelerating the workout. Try to eat dates an hour or half an hour before work out.

As a Night Snack:

Since Dates are rich in Fiber, they can be an excellent night snack. As fiber takes long time to be digested,it makes you feel full and hence can help in suppressing the midnight hunger. So if you ever feel craving for sweets in night, consume dates.

Hence, dates should definitely be consumed as they have multiple benefits. But if you feel that they cause you some sort of allergy, itching or rashes or if you are diabetic, Kindly consult doctor before consuming them.



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