Betul Borewell Rescue: Innocent is trapped in Borewell for three days, Rescue operation still going on

Publish Date: 09 Dec, 2022 |

8-year-old Tanmay has been trapped in a borewell since Tuesday evening in Betul, Madhya Pradesh. Relief work is going on since 62 hours to save Tanmay trapped at a depth of 55 feet, but due to water and stones, the administration is facing difficulties and the rescue of the innocent is getting delayed.

Huge rocks and water in borewell

Every possible effort is being made to save Tanmay. It is being told that water is continuously coming out of the ground. Along with this, there are also huge rocks. Due to this, the rescue team has to be very careful while digging and is also facing trouble. Tanmay had fallen in the borewell on Tuesday evening. NDRF and SDRRF teams are constantly working to get him out. The team is engaged in making a tunnel about 10 feet long. If you look at the situation from Thursday afternoon to Friday morning, about three feet of digging has been done.

Tanmay’s mother gives statement

The mother of the innocent Tanmay trapped in the borewell is in bad condition by crying. Expressing displeasure, mother Jyoti Sahu said that it is taking so much time to save the child. Does it take that much time? Not even being allowed to see what is happening from above. Mother says that rescue work is done quickly in films, but not in real life. It's been 3 days and she wants to see her child safe. Angry mother said that if it was a leader's child, it would not have taken so much time. 


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