NODWIN x LOCO All Stars Invitational is the first lan event in 2.5 years. The 16 invited teams battled against each other in the span of 3 days in 15 matches played on Ernagel, Miramar and Sanhok. TSM won the event with a big margin and became the champions of the first ever lan event of BGMI. Here’s everything you need to know about the event.

NODWIN x LOCO All Stars Invitational : Winners & MVP

Team SoloMid won the All Stars Invitational lan event with a total 199 points by a margin of 33 points to the following team Hyderabad Hydras who had an overall 166 points and Team Revenant Esports and Team XO with a total of 163 points. However, fan favorite teams like Global Esports, GodLike Esports & Team XSpark didn’t perform as per the expectations and finished at 13th, 14th and 16th position respectively. Team SoloMid’s NinjaJOD won the MVP of the tournament award.

NODWIN x LOCO All Stars Invitational : Prize Pool

The event had a total prize pool of INR 50 Lakhs distributed amongst the teams and MVP of the event, here’s the amount won by teams and the MVP :

Team SoloMid

INR 25 Lakhs

Hyderabad Hydras

INR 12.5 Lakhs

Revenant Esports

INR 5 Lakhs

Team XO

INR 1.5 Lakhs

Team SkyLightz Gaming

INR 1.1 Lakhs

Team iNSANE Esports


Team Enigma Gaming


Team Rivalry Esports


9th - 11th


12th - 14th


15th - 16th


NinjaJOD (MVP)

INR 1 Lakh

NODWIN x LOCO All Stars Invitational : Overall Standings

Here’s the overall standings for All Stars Invitational

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