Bhagalpur Crime: When Neelam's closeness changed into distance, Shakeel became merciless, cut off the woman's hands and ears

Publish Date: 06 Dec, 2022 |

A shocking case has come to the fore in Bhagalpur, Bihar. Here a woman was hacked to death with a sharp weapon in the middle of the market. Panic spread in the area due to the incident which took place in the middle of the market. The police reached after the information and took the dead body into custody. Police are investigating the matter.

According to the information, the woman had gone to the Pirpainti market. Meanwhile, on Saturday near the Scindia bridge, an accused named Mohammad Shakeel of the market attacked the woman with a sharp weapon. Shakeel was hiding a sharp weapon in a pot. He cut off the woman's breasts, hands, legs, and ears by attacking her.

Woman died during treatment

The woman was screaming after the incident, but by the time people reached for help, she had completely fainted. The woman was taken to the referral hospital. Seeing her serious condition, the doctors referred her to Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Mayaganj Hospital, where she died during treatment. The hands and legs of the woman were cut off. The breast was cut off. The back and both the ears were cut. After the incident, the woman also told the name of the attacker, which was recorded by the people around. 

Police gives reason for murder

SDO and SDPO said that there was a dispute between the two parties regarding the transaction of money. The incident has been executed regarding this. SSP Baburam said that in the investigation so far it has been found that the woman had borrowed some money from the accused. There was a dispute between the two sides even a month ago regarding the return of the money. On Saturday, the accused attacked the woman with a sharp weapon regarding this.


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