Bharat Bandh: Traffic jammed at NCR and other parts of the nation

Publish Date: 27 Sep, 2021 |

Farmers’ Unions under the umbrella of Samyukt Kisan Morcha(SKM), have called for Bharat Bandh today, to mark one year of the enforcement of the three disputed farm laws.

Troubles for people

The Bandh has clearly affected the life of people, which could be witnessed from the pics of traffic that has been jammed at NCR. Similarly, the Bandh has caused troubles for people from the state of Bihar to Maharashtra. Bharat Bandh has caused traffic jams at Gurugram, NCR and Noida and at Bahadurgarh, the farmers even blocked the railway lines. The people struck in traffic expressed their disappointment and anger at the discomfort caused to them. 

Rakesh Tikait on Bharat Bandh

The national spokesperson of Samyukt Kisan Morcha, Rakesh Tikait said that the strike will continue till evening and people should come out of their houses only after 4pm, otherwise they will remain struck in traffic. However,essential services and  people who want to address personal and medical emergencies will not be stopped.

The strike has undoubtedly caused discomfort to people as the moment they came out of their houses, they had to face traffic jams and couldn’t get their work done. At many places, the route has to be diverted causing troubles for people. The policemen have been deployed to take care of the security needs. Pictures of traffic jams came from all parts of India.

The nationwide strike has been called because of the farmers’ demand to withdraw the three farm laws and declare them null and void. The affects of  Bharat Bandh were felt across the whole nation. The farmers have been protesting, on delhi borders,against the laws since a long time.



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