Bigg Boss 15 sneak peek: Task में Jay से भिड़े दोस्त Tejasswi और Karan

Publish Date: 20 Oct, 2021 |

Bigg Boss 15: After the shocking eviction of Donal Bisht and Vidhi Pandya the other housemates are still in a major shock and are trying to figure their next game plan. While they have also learned a lesson to never take Bigg Boss’s punishment or task lightly as the result cannot do good for anyone. Now all the junglewaasi have earned an opportunity to get back to the house but, on stake is 5 Lakh Rs. 

Tejasswi and Karan clash with Jay in the task:

The trio currently known as the best friends in the house have risked their friendship in this upcoming task involving a hefty sum of Rs. 5 lakh. So according to the latest promo Junglewaasi’s will get an opportunity to get back in the main house, but the twist is that they need R. 5 lakh to purchase a 'access all areas' ticket, the cost of which will be taken from their final reward money. Jay Bhanushali says he doesn't want anyone to win the job since money would be taken away but looks like everyone doesn't think alike.

As the game begins, the first half of the promo highlights a fight between Pratik Sehajpal and Umar Riaz who are busy shutting up each other but, as the game progresses, Tejasswi and Jay Bhanushali gets involved into a heated argument. Tejasswi enters the brawl in support of Karan, and Jay Bhanushali yells at her, screaming, 'You can't be supporting the wrong person just because he's in your squad.'

“Bigg Boss 15 Sneak Peek: Bigg Boss granted the forest residents permission to enter the house through a challenge. In this task, Jay's friends Tejasswi and Karan clashed with him. How did this dispute influence the bond between these two friends? Will the recent fight change the dynamics in the house? It will be interesting to see if Jay can stop others from completing the task


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