Bigg Boss 15 Sneak Peek: Rajiv की चड्डी बनी घरवालों के बीच मजाक

Publish Date: 27 Oct, 2021 |
Bigg Boss 15: These days, house members often get caught pulling pranks on each other. Something similar happened to the wild card entrant Rajiv Adatia, who misplaced his underclothes, and it instantly became a comedy topic for others, who started teasing him for that.

House member pulled prank on Rajiv Adatia

So the promo video started with Vishal Kotian who enters the dining area with an underwear in his hand and started laughing looking at Rajiv. The latter had no idea what was going on that’s when Vishal said ‘I was thinking who can wear this expensive cloth with London tag on it, and then I remember none other than Rajiv’. Tejasswi then joined the prank and came into the character of a reporter, she then said ‘Rajiv why are you not accepting your chaddi’. Rajiv said ‘No comments’ and moved out, but the paparazzi followed him in the whole house until he accepted the fact that it was his. He went to Shamita and complained about them, thinking Shamita would side him but, she also ended up joining the prank.

Bigg Boss 15 Sneak Peek: Rajiv's tights became a source of fun among the family members on Bigg Boss 15. Why did Rajiv's family members chase him down with the stick? Tonight at 10:30 p.m., only on COLORS, see 'BIGG BOSS 15'.


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