Bigg Boss 15 Sneak Peek: Rajiv Adatia ने तोड़ी ‘Anna-Akka’ की जोड़ी, Shamita को बताई Vishal की सच्चाई

Publish Date: 25 Oct, 2021 |
Bigg Boss 15: Bigg boss is the house of secrets and the only person to know are the audience sitting outside the house who knows well what is going on in the house and who actually cares for whom. Can you imagine what happens the second someone from the audience walks inside the house to tell the members what’s actually is going behind their back? The answer is heartbreaks, clashes, showdowns and of course a lot of drama. Something similar happened in Shamita and Vishal’s life the moment the wild card entry Rajiv Adatia walked inside the house.

Rajiv Adatia revealed the truth about Vishal Kotian to Shamita Shetty

Rajiv and Shamita shares, a very strong bond. The actress is the Rakhi sister of Rajiv since a decade now. Earlier, before entering the house, the model turned businessman told media that he might break down in tears after seeing Shamita after such a long time. So the first thing he did after going inside the house was to tell her the truth about the people who she trusts the most in the house. He told her that Vishal is using her to play his game and move forward. Shamita seemed shocked at the revelation and asked, ‘How could she get fooled by someone like this.

Vishal Kotian betrayed Shamita Shetty?

After knowing the truth, Shamita went directly to Vishal and confessed home whatever she heard, to which Vishal reacted and said who don’t do mistakes to lay the game. The former then said, ‘it hurts when the person you trust turns out to be someone who tells who talks bad about them on their back. Vishal got furious after listening this and made it clear that his way of playing the game is different from hers. 

Bigg Boss 15 Sneak Peek:In Bigg Boss 15, the first Wild Card Entry took place. This time, Rajiv Adatia joined the Bigg Boss house as a genuine card entrant and immediately broke the pair of 'Anna-Akka'. Here's what Rajiv Adatia had to say about Vishal to Shamita. 'BIGG BOSS 15' airs tonight.


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