Bigg Boss 15 Sneak Peek: who will win the VIP zone pass Vishal Kotian, Umar Riaz or Nishant Bhat

Publish Date: 18 Nov, 2021 |
Bigg Boss 15: The race to own the VIP membership has begun. After Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash were eliminated from the task, it is now Vishal Kotian Vs Nishant Bhat who are busy justifying why should they be considered for the VIP pass. But, as we are aware that nothing happens in Bigg Boss house without a consequence, this time too someone has to give up their position for another. Let’s find out how.

Who will win Bigg boss 15 VIP pass, Vishal or Nishant?

The video started with Jay Bhaushali quizzing the potential contenders of VIP zone on why should they be considered. When Jay asks, ‘Why shouldn’t I disqualify you from the game”? Vishal replied by saying, “I have played the game well by using my brain and am also a tough contender in the game”. Listening to which, Nishant Bhat kept his stand and said “I believe more in relationships and bonds, I think am strong, and I don’t hesitate giving my opinions”. After Nishant completed his stance, Umar counterattacked on him and said “I too believe in relationship, but I just don’t use them for game and that’s why I deserve to be in that position”.

Bigg Boss 15 VIP membership task

As we already told you that nothing comes for free in Bigg Boss 15 house, this time too the house members have to deal with the consequence of letting in the non VIP members. Which means two of the VIP pass owners will be replaced by non VIP members in the house. The winning candidate will also get an interesting power, which is yet to be revealed by Bigg boss. Currently, Nishant Bhatt, Vishal Kotian and Umar Riaz are the top contenders of the VIP task.


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