Bigg Boss 15 Sneak Peek: बिग बॉस 15 में Wild Card entry Rajiv Adatia ने बताई Ieshaan को बाहर की बात

Publish Date: 25 Oct, 2021 |
Bigg Boss 15: The new wild card entrant Rajiv Adatia who is also known to be very close to the shetty sisters for being their rakhi brother has slowly but steadily sarted to get involved in the house matters. Although Rajiv holds a UK citizenship, but he has a lot of friends and connections in the Indian entertainment industry, which also includes Ieshaan Shegall and Shamita Shetty. In the recent sneak peek, Rajiv can be seen personally conversing with Ieshaan over his and Miesha Iyer’s love story.

Miesha-Ieshaan relationship in trouble in Bigg Boss 15

Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Shegall’s relationship and PDA activities made  a lot of headlines previously. The latter proposed Miesha during a weekend episode and now the couple are on their way to understand each other better, but, that process might get hindered after the wild card entry of Rajiv Adatia in the show. After coming inside the house, Rajiv had one to one conversation with Ieshaan where he told whatever he is doing here is creating a very bad image of his outside the house. He also said that no one falls in love within three days.

Rajiv warned Ieshaan for his relationship with Miesha Iyer

In the video Rajiv can be seen telling Ieshaan ‘You came in a show for a reason what you did here? To which the latter replies, ‘I thought I wouldn’t sustain here’. The wild card entry then warned him and said ‘Iam sorry I don’t think you are in love I know you for a long time no one falls in love in three days.” he further added ‘Whatever you do here chant love every time has impacted your image badly outside am sorry, but you need to hear this”. One thing is sure that the conversation didn’t on a very good note as Ieshaan looked quite tensed during the whole time. It would be interesting to know what his next move will be and whether he will continue his relationship with Miesha or follow the advice of his friends Rajiv


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