Bigg Boss 15: Tejasswi-Vishal’s closeness made Karan jealous; says Tejasswi is playing game

Publish Date: 19 Nov, 2021 |
Bigg Boss 15: Connection, bond and love is not a new concept in bigg boss house. Every season witness some serious relationship, which sometimes works well in real life too. Similarly, the current season is also witnessing a love bond between two of the strongest contender, Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra. The impact was so great that they soon developed their fan base, who acknowledge them by Tejran. But, as we say, the road to love is not easy and something similar is happening between the power couple of the house. Tejasswi’s closeness to Vishal left Karan to give a thought about their relationship.

Karan Kundrra jealous of Vishal-Tejasswi

Colors Tv recently dropped their recent promo, and we can bet it is not a very pleasant one for Tejran fans. Teasswi can be seen talking to Vishal, which made Karan somehow mad and he ended up pouring his feeling in front of Umar. The video started with Karan conversing with Umar in a garden area where he says “Teja and vishal were talking for almost one and a half hour, but she didn’t bother to tell me what was it about, once you start hiding things with those you are close with the situation starts getting worse”.

Karan admits he is possessive about Tejasswi

While admitting the fact that he has some serious problems with Vishal he said ‘I don’t know how to react and what to do, they both are smart too, and I know she is also playing game, she too wants to win’. Listening to which Umar replied “These emotions will disturb you more’. Karan again said “I can’t tolerate these things, my inner self is possessive about Teja and these all things are my affecting my relationship with her. 

Well it is hard to tell right now what was the important topic that made Tejasswi to talk with Vishal, but one thing is sure that something is up with Kundrra, and he won’t let it slide easily. It would be interesting to see how the duo will save their relationship, and will they still continue to be the power couple of the house.


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