Bigg Boss 15: Who wil get Ticket to Finale from Rakhi Sawant

Publish Date: 20 Jan, 2022 |

Bigg Boss 15: After the extension of two-week the show is again bringing more drama, as the quest to win the last ticket to the final has become even harder.Recently the show served a box full of drama and the contestants going on emotional roller coasters. The politics on the set went higher than ever. The recent episode was full of hue and cry when Rashmi and Devoleena got into a bad fight, which did not end with words only.

Rakhi Sawant's Game in Bigg Boss 15

In the recent one, Rakhi Sawant was seen getting into conversations with Rashmi as well as Devoleena. It is clear that both the girls are desperate to get the ticket to finale, and Rakhi is definitely in the place of power. During a conversation Rakhi tells Devoleena that “Rashmi was crying”, however Rakhi tells Devoleena in a comfy  tone, “Run na main game khelti hoon.” means. ``Wait, I’ll play a game.” Seems like Rakhi has things going in her head. But the question arises who she will support and who will actually get the ticket to finale.

On the other hand, Rakhi is seen telling Rashmi, “Usne mujhe mana kiya hai tujhe dene ke liye, lekin main end mein tuhe dedungi.” Talking about the ticket to finale, Rakhi tells Rashmi that Devoleena has asked me not to give you, but in the end, I will give it to you.” 

Who will get the Ticket To Finale from Rakhi Sawant?

Later, there is this ambiguity about who will get Rakhi’s favour. However Rashmi urges her to stay on her word when she says, “Bol k palat mat” to Rakhi. She also convinces her that by this means she (Rakhi) will be perceived wrong. Rashmi accuses Devoleena of being a liar and fraud as she calls out loudly, “Jhuthi and fraud” She also calls her a coward and accuses her that she used Rakhi.


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