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Aditi ShrivastavaPublish Date: 19 Oct, 2022

Fat to Fit: We always come up with inspiring weight loss transformation stories on Only My Health but today’s episode can serve as the biggest motivation for those who think it’s not easy to undergo such a massive transformation. Junaid Jamadar weighed a massive 207 kg when he was given his father's ultimatum to lose weight. He was motivated to finally get out of bed, begin exercising, and change his life from being "Fat To Fit" after being reminded of the traumatic instances when he was treated like a "giant" and made fun of for having a particular appearance. Here is the massive 112 kg weight loss journey.

Biggest Fat Loss Transformation Story Junaid Jamadar

There was a point in his life when Junaid was too afraid to even step out of his house, he even hesitated visiting a doctor when he used to be sick. A doctor once told him that even if he gives an injection in his body it won’t reach inside because of body fat. Junaid was constantly trolled for being overweight, by the time his shirt’s size reached 8XL and Pants were 64. Even his tailor used to make fun of his weight. Slowly he started finding it difficult to breathe while sleeping, and that was when his father forced him to reduce the weight. 

Weight loss journey in Lockdown

Junaid stated that he started his weightloss journey during corona lockdown and lost almost 8 kgs in the initial week itself and was really motivated by the progress. He started his weight loss journey from 23rd December 2019 later in January he consulted his dietician for the diet plan. Slowly and gradually Junaid started adapting to a completely new lifestyle. 

Daily routine

6 AM 1 glass warm water lemon and aloe vera juice

2.5 hours morning workout

Breakfast- Eggs, 20 g masala oats

Coconut water and fruit juice

Lunch- 1-2 Chapati, jowar bhakri, 50g sprouts, curd, buttermilk and salad.

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