Bihar Bank Robbery: In Hajipur, Bihar, a female constable risked her life to prevent the bank from being robbed

Publish Date: 19 Jan, 2023 |

In the Hajipur region of Bihar, three armed bandits attempted to rob a bank on Wednesday. Two female constables engaged them in combat. Because of this, the robbers' plans were foiled. The incident's video is spreading like wildfire on social media.

What is the whole matter?

Three criminals arrived at the North Bihar Gramin Bank on a bike on Wednesday with the goal to loot it. The bank is situated in the Seduari village of the Sadar police station area of Hajipur. Two thieves entered the bank while posing as clients while one thief stood underneath the building. Two female constables working security began questioning both of the criminals in the meantime. Both of the criminals became involved with the female constable in this. The miscreants were asked for their passbooks by the female constables. Following that, the military and criminals got into a fight.

The two female troops will be awarded

Three persons attempted to rob a bank in Senduari at around 11 am, according to senior police officer Om. Our female constables showed extraordinary bravery and were successful in chasing them away. He claimed that no one was fired. Both female troops will receive awards.


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