Bihar News: Action on public firing in Begusarai, 7 policemen suspended

Publish Date: 14 Sep, 2022 |

As soon as there is a change in the power of Bihar, the spirits of the criminals have become high. A bloody retaliation of fearless miscreants was seen in Begusarai on Tuesday. The miscreants on the bike escaped after firing at 6 different places. For investigation, different teams have been formed which are conducting raids at different places. However, till now the hands of the police are empty. A total of ten people have been officially confirmed to have been shot, in which one person has also died. SP Yogendra Kumar has taken action to suspend seven patrolling officers.

What is the matter?

On Tuesday evening at 5.30 pm, two miscreants shook the entire Begusarai city. These miscreants, who came out on National Highway 28, opened fire at many places one after the other. A total of 10 people were shot by these miscreants, out of which one person named Chandan Kumar died. The news of firing kept coming one after the other in Phulwaria Bachwara, Teghada and Chakia police station areas and the injured people were brought one after the other to the hospitals of Begusarai.

7 policemen suspended

SP Yogendra Kumar, taking strict action on Wednesday, suspended 7 Inspectors who were negligent in police patrolling. The criminals had come out from in front of 4 police stations, but no one was present in the police patrol at any police station. Due to negligence in patrolling, the SP has taken strict steps.

The police have CCTV footage, in which those two miscreants are seen. To catch them, blockade has been done in 6 adjoining districts including Begusarai. Police are conducting intensive raids to nab the criminals. The SP claims that soon the police will crack the incident and arrest the criminals.


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