Bihar Samastipur news: 5 members of the family found hanging in their home, Financial Crisis is to be blamed

Publish Date: 05 Jun, 2022 |

A tragic incident occurred in Samastipur, Bihar. The incident took place at Mau Dhaneshpur South village's Vidyapatinagar police station area. The village was engulfed in grief after five members of yhe same family committed suicide. Among the dead were a husband, wife, mother, and three children. On Sunday morning, when the neighbors peeked inside the house, they discovered five people hanging from the rope.

Bihar Samastipur incident

After that, the residents in the area assembled. According to the neighbors,the step was taken due to economic struggle. Whether it is a mass suicide, a suicide after a murder, or a mass murder, the case will get cleared only after an investigation. However, the cause for this is presently the financial crisis, and debt. The family now has only two married daughters.

Mau Incident in Samastipur

After the case was reported, Police came to inspect the location and found no sucide note.According to reports, Manoj Jha, a resident of Mau village's Ward 11, used to support his family by driving an auto and selling khaini. Despite his best efforts, Manoj Jha's debt burden was growing.  Money lenders would visit his residence on a regular basis. The entire family is likely to have committed this terrible move due to financial problems.



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