BJP MLA entered Delhi Assembly wearing an oxygen mask and made this significant demand

Publish Date: 16 Jan, 2023 |

BJP MLAs have brought oxygen cylinders and masks to the Delhi Assembly. They claim that the government is not doing anything to address Delhi's pollution problem. They brought an oxygen cylinder to today's assembly session because of this. Arvind Kejriwal's resignation as chief minister is being demanded by BJP MLAs.

The BJP MLAs in the assembly emphasised the issue of Delhi's pollution. All of the BJP MLAs arrived at the assembly on Monday as the special session of the Delhi Legislative Assembly got underway while donning oxygen cylinders and oxygen masks as a show of protest against pollution.

MLA OP Sharma comments on the matter

BJP MLA OP Sharma stated that he had brought up this matter in front of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal numerous times. However, the CM seems uninterested in this, which forces the residents of Delhi to endure a stifling environment. The names of other towns do not appear on the list of pollution-prone cities like Delhi, according to BJP MLA Anil Vajpayee, despite the fact that there are more automobiles in other major cities throughout the nation than in Delhi.


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