BJP towards the biggest victory in the history of 62 years in Gujarat. Gujarat Assembly Election Results 2022

Publish Date: 08 Dec, 2022 |

Assembly elections are being held in Gujarat since 1960, but in electoral history till now, the performance of Congress has never been so bad. While the BJP is leading in more than 150 out of 182 seats in the state, the Congress is leading in only 17 seats.

BJP’s recorded victory

The BJP has been in power in Gujarat for 27 years. This time BJP seems to be forming the government with a record victory. Earlier, BJP got this number in 2002. In the 2002 elections, the BJP had won 127 seats. At the same time, this time this figure has reached close to 150. In 2002, Narendra Modi was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the second time.

In the 2017 assembly elections, BJP got 99 seats. According to the figures, this time BJP seems to be getting the benefit of 48 seats. Congress has suffered a big loss. Congress had won 77 assembly seats in 2017, but this time it seems to be limited to just 21 seats. Clearly Congress is seeing a loss of 57 seats.

BJP expresses confidence in Patidar community

The BJP got success in most of the 45 seats in the state where it had expressed confidence in the candidates of the Patidar community. The BJP also played a masterstroke by announcing Bhupendra Patel's name for the post of Chief Minister even before the elections. The party got its full benefit. By the way, the Patidar community has been an old supporter of the BJP. In 2017, the BJP suffered losses due to the effect of the Patidar movement, but now everything is back to normal.


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