Bomb blast in Turkey's capital Istanbul, 6 killed, many injured

Publish Date: 14 Nov, 2022 |

A bomb exploded in Taksim Square, Turkey's capital Istanbul, where six people were killed and more than 80 injured. The blast occurred on Sunday (13 November) in the most crowded area of Istanbul when many people were present.

Terrorist attack confirmed

According to the Turkish government, the pattern of the attack and the investigation show that this attack was a terrorist attack. Ambulances, fire engines, and police reached the spot after the blast. There is no information yet regarding what caused the explosion. According to reports, the area was evacuated after the blast. 

According to local reports, the blast took place at 4:15 pm (Turkish time). This explosion in Turkey is not the first. Even before this, in 2017 and 2015, the Islamic State and some Kurdish groups had carried out blasts here.

One person arrested

One person involved in the bomb blast has been arrested. Turkey's Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu has given this information. According to the news agency Reuters, on Monday, the English-language Twitter account of the state-run Anadolu Agency quoted Minister Suleiman Soylu as saying this.

At the same time, Turkish President Rajab Tayyab Erdoan termed the blast as an 'attack'. He further said that this blast 'smells of terrorism. Before leaving for Indonesia on Sunday to attend the G20 summit, Erdogan said the blast was a "treacherous attack" and that its perpetrators would be punished. Erdogan said four people died at the scene and two in hospital.


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