Brutal event involving Kaushambi, a student who was dragged 200 metres by a car | Road Accident

Publish Date: 04 Jan, 2023 |

Following the tragic incident in the Sultanpuri neighbourhood of Delhi, a related incidence is also being reported from Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh. A girl student who was attending computer class was struck by an automobile. Despite the collision, the driver of the car did not halt it, which caused the girl student to become stuck inside and be dragged for 200 metres.

What is the whole matter?

Kaushalya Devi is a student at a computer school in Manjhanpur, according to Renu Devi, a local of the Devkharpur village in the Manjhanpur police station area. She was heading to class as usual on Sunday at Manjhanpur by a cycle. That is when Ram Naresh, a driver from Tulsipur who was going to Bajapur village from behind, struck the girl's bicycle. The girl fell on the road as a result of the collision. Instead of halting the car, the driver, Ram Naresh, sought to flee by running over the girl with the vehicle. 

Kaushalya became lodged in the vehicle as a result, and she was pulled for about 200 metres. In the meantime, the vehicle lost control and flipped in a pit at the side of the road. The other passengers in the car left. The individuals in the automobile were reportedly drunk, according to reports. The girl was brought to the neighbourhood hospital by the locals. She has broken both of her arms and legs. Serious injuries to the face, chest, and back have occurred.


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