BTS not on Hiatus, to focus on solo career explains ‘Hybe’; 5 key points to know about BTS Hiatus news

Publish Date: 15 Jun, 2022
BTS not on Hiatus, to focus on solo career explains ‘Hybe’; 5 key points to know about BTS Hiatus news

The global K-pop sensation BTS broke several ARMY hearts during their festa today when the all groovy and fun gathering of BTS members including Jin, Suga, -hope, Rm, jimin, V and Jungkook became a serious topic of discussion with ARMY as soon as Suga mentioned something about the group going on a Hiatus. The word ‘hiatus’ became the fastest trending word within a few minutes on twitter. BTS has stated that they are taking some time off to focus on solo projects, but the company behind the  K-pop group has stated that they will not be taking a hiatus.

BTS on Hiatus, 5 key points to know

  • BTS just marked their 9 year anniversary in the K-pop industry and announced their comeback during the LA live concert a few months ago. Last week, they published Proof, a three-disc anthology record.As they sat down for a group supper, band member Suga asked if they should discuss why they were going on aHiatus.

  •  This should be mentioned that Suga was speaking in Korean and the english subtitle translated it to ‘Hiatus’ but the actual meaning might not be the same. While the members were talking about their past, present and future projects, Suga emphasized on the word that they are certainly not ‘Disbanding’ so ARMY don’t need to worry about that.

  • As soon as the word ‘Hiatus’ started trending on twitter, the company behind BTS may have felt a little wrong and thereby within a few hours they released a statement spilling the facts. BTS's management company, Hybe, stated that the group will continue to work on projects together as well as individually. "BTS will not be taking a break. At this moment, members will be concentrating on solo projects."

  • Jimin and RM constantly emphasized on the statement that they are feeling directionless and lost saying “ think that's why we're going through a rough patch right now, we're trying to find our identity and that's an exhausting and long process.”-Jimin

  • “"I'm at a loss." After the release of Butter and Permission to Dance, I started to feel like I didn't know what kind of band we were anymore. What type of music do we want to make? So, what exactly are we attempting to communicate? This break should have been taken a long time ago, but we kept putting it off." RM

  • Every artist, it is understood, requires some sort of motivation in order to keep their speed up.  ARMYon the other hand  will continue to receive lots of content from their favorite BTS members because they are now on Instagram additionally HYBE is in the midst of releasing reality shows such as In the Soop with BTS V and Wooga Squad, among others. This won't be a long wait, and BTS will return with a bang.

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