BTS SUGA is currently touring the world as a part of his solo era. Suga aka Min Yoongi has been making headlines for his concert taking place in the US with the album D-Day. With this Suga became the first BTS member to kick off the first solo concert. ARMY took twitter by storm following Yoongi’s Las Angeles concert as Halsey joined him for the surprise collaboration for interlude. Previously the Daechwita crooner was joined by Max when the singers grooved and sang ‘Burn It’ together. Halsey has long been a good friend and one of the biggest fans of the 7 member boy band. Time to time both Halsey and BTS have collaborated, and spoken about each other showering love and support.

Halsey joins Suga in D-day Concert

Suga’s D-day concert has been a roller coaster ride for the fans as surprises never stop coming. Firstly it was Jimin who made a surprise cameo on the stage and then it was Max who took the fire to the wholesome level. Now it is BTS and ARMIES best friend Halsey who rocked the stage to perform “Suga’s Interlude” alongside the ‘Haegeum’ crooner. The surprise entry took place on May 15th and Twitter was taken aback, overwhelming response soon started flooding the microblogging platform. 

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Halsey and Suga

Both Halsey and Suga are quite close to each other in friendship terms. Suga recently went to see Halsey’s new born. The rapper was snapped holding the little Ender Ridley in his arms and the picture went viral like a wildfire. There was no doubt that fans have been rooting for the artists to come together in one frame and seems like it happened just right

Halsey and BTS

Halsey has previously collaborated with BTS for their song ‘Boy With Luv’. The catchy lyrics and groovy rhythm is still one of the favorite tracks of BTS among fans. Talking about their affection towards each other, Halsey went on to win BTS fans heart after she was seen defending the 7 member boy band on multiple occasions. Twitter is oozing with reactions right now and here are just a few examples.