CBSE BOARD EXAM: Alert to CBSE board's examination centers regarding Corona, issued these guidelines

Publish Date: 02 May, 2022 |

The CBSE board is serious towards the examinees regarding the rising heat and the outbreak of Covid infection in Delhi NCR. After the notification issued before the commencement of the examination from April 26, the CBSE board has now issued the same notification again. Instructions have been given to keep proper arrangement of water, sanitizer as well as electricity and ventilator for the examinees.

Proper Seating arrangement required

According to the notification, the administrators of the examination centers have to keep in mind that the room in which the candidates are taking the examination does not come under direct sunlight. Earlier, 24 students used to sit in a room. But, this time in view of the heat and the increasing infection of corona in Delhi NCR, only 18 children are being accommodated.

To improve the arrangements of the examinees, the CBSE board has sent Rs 5000 per examination center. In this, Rs 2 per student is fixed for water. Purifier water has also been arranged outside the classroom. Some students are also bringing water in transparent bottles from their homes.

13 Examination centres

13 examination centers have been set up in the district, they were also instructed to take cognizance of the notification. Under the inspection of mobile teams, proper arrangements for masks, sanitizers and water are being provided. City Coordinator II Shashi Sharma says that all the examination centers are following the rules under covid-19.


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