CCTV footage of ruckus in Parliament was released, oppositions & government alleging each other of the incident

Publish Date: 13 Aug, 2021 |

CCTV footage of ruckus in Parliament:

During the Parliament Monsoon Session 2021, the Rajya Sabha had witnessed some clash of views among the ministers, while these clashes gradually reached the stage of hitting and pushing each other. The reports state that the opposition parties protested in the veil of the Parliament, thereby going against the traditions of the parliament.

While considering the incident, the oppositions are claiming that after being called from outside, the leaders along with the marshal misbehaved in the session, however, the video which went viral states that the opposition leaders are clashing with the marshal.

The CCTV footage of ruckus in Parliament was first categorized as the “death of democracy” by minister Rahul Gandhi before the CCTV footage was released by the government.

This footage clearly states that how woman MP is misbehaving with the marshal. And after this, when Congress MP Chaya Verma when asked of seeking an apology, she clearly denied it.

Where the oppositions are stating the ruling government credible for the ruckus in Parliament, the government is alleging opposition ministers of such ruckus in Rajya Sabha.


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