Central Vista Project: Supreme Court rejects plea against the project, says shall we ask the public where Vice President and Prime Minister will stay?

Publish Date: 24 Nov, 2021 |

Supreme Court of India has rejected the plea against Central Vista project, which challenged the land where the construction for the project is going on. The plea said that after the project gets completed, general public will not be able to travel through it. The plea demanded that the official residence ofVice- President of India and Prime Minister that is a part of the project, should be relocated and not be built at the decided and proposed location.

Supreme Court on Central Vista Project

Supreme Court, while hearing the case said that everything should be criticised but the criticism should be formative. Justice A.M. Khanwilkar said that a personal property is not being built, residence of Vice President is being built and greenery all around is guaranteed. Officials have already passed the project. 

The plea demanded that the place of Vice President and Prime Minister be changed but the apex court commented that now we will ask the general public about where the residence of Vice President and Prime Minister shall be built? The court said that the particular land is always used for government purpose. How can you say that after being allocated for entertainment industry, it cannot be reallocated for other purpose?

This project to be built in 22 lakh square has been opposed by opposition political parties since the beginning. They have been demanding its obstruction, referring to the disturbed economic system post COVID-19 pandemic. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi along with other opposition leaders are supporting the withdrawal of the project.For this, Opposition leaders had even requested the Supreme Court of India, but their demand could not be fulfilled. 

Central Vista Project

Under the Central Vista Project, new Parliament and residential premises will be constructed, which will include residence of Vice President and Prime Minister along with various new office buildings and central secretariat for offices of various ministries. The project was announced in September 2019. On December 10, 2020 PM Narendra Modi had laid the foundation stone of the project. The project’s cost is said to be Rs. 20,000 crore but Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri while denying this said from where did this number came? Office for 51 ministries, new parliament, 9 office buildings new Indira Gandhi centre for performing arts and metro connectivity together is estimated to cost to Rs. 13,000- Rs. 15,000 crore.



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