Chandra Grahan 2022: What is the connection of earthquake with lunar eclipse? How many dangers are hovering over the clouds?

Publish Date: 09 Nov, 2022 |

In the year 2022, the two eclipses that took place within 15 days, which astrologers were describing as very inauspicious, are the earthquake tremors felt in India, China and Nepal late at night a sign of the same? Will the second and last lunar eclipse of the year really cause any danger to the country, the world, the animals and the birds and nature? It is worth noting that many astrologers of the country had already indicated about the correct time and its ill effects before the onset of lunar eclipse. The eclipse period which is considered very inauspicious in Hinduism, can the common man really have to bear its effect in the coming days?

Many coincidence of earthquakes with Lunar Eclipse

According to science, there is no direct relation of lunar eclipse with earthquake. But if we look at the data of the lunar eclipse and the earthquake that occurred in the last few years, then after the lunar eclipse or before the earthquake, it cannot be ruled out. Even before this, there have been earthquake tremors a few days before or after the lunar eclipse.

According to religious belief, lunar eclipse affects water and sea. Due to which the possibility of floods, storms, earthquakes increases due to the effect of eclipse. Earthquakes are more likely to occur, especially after a lunar eclipse. In fact, the Moon is closest to the Earth during a lunar eclipse. Due to which the gravitational force of the Moon affects the ocean tides.


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