For class 12 students in CBSE and UP Board, chapters on the Mughal Empire will no longer be covered in the history curriculum. The NCERT, the Center's and the state's top educational advisory agency, has changed the history curriculum and added chapters from the CBSE Class 12 mediaeval history textbooks "Kings and Chronicles" and "The Mughal Courts." The parts on the Mughals have been omitted from the new NCERT Class 12 history textbooks, which will be used in government schools in Uttar Pradesh.

Changes made in the syllabus of 11th and 12th

As a result, beginning with the academic year 2023–2024, kids will be taught using the UP Board and CBSE curricula, which excludes information about Mughal emperors and courts from class 12 history textbooks. The administration has also made it clear that no chapters have been removed from the textbook as of today; rather, in June 2022, NCERT eliminated the chapters on Mughal history, the Cold War, and American supremacy. It will be put into practise starting with this session.

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