China built another post near LAC (Indian border), USA MP Raja Krishnamoorthy exposed the truth

Publish Date: 01 Dec, 2022 |

American Senator Raja Krishnamoorthy said on Wednesday that the construction of a new post of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) near the Line of Actual Control between India and China has come to light, which is another worrying sign of Beijing's growing territorial aggression. China's move reiterates the need for the USA to strengthen joint efforts with India and other security partners.

Krishnamoorthy statement regarding the new post

American MP Raja Krishnamurthy gave his statement on the reports that China is continuously building its posts along the border with India. Newspaper 'Politico' claimed that China has built a military post near its disputed border with India. After which the US MP expressed concern about China's aggression. 

Congressman Krishnamoorthi said, "The news of a new People's Liberation Army post near the Line of Actual Control between India and China is another worrying sign of Beijing's growing territorial aggression, which is reflected in the joint efforts of the US with India and other security partners." reiterates the need to strengthen

Stockpile of 1,500 weapons

China is expected to have a stockpile of around 1,500 weapons by 2035. The US Defense Department has given this information. China currently has an estimated 400 weapons. Beijing aims to modernize, diversify and expand its nuclear forces over the next decade, the Pentagon said Tuesday in its annual report to the US Congress on China's ambitious military programme. He said that China's current nuclear modernization exercise is much larger in scale than previous modernization efforts.


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