China gets affected by covid, Indian companies are paying the price. Covid-19 in China | Coronavirus update

Publish Date: 22 Dec, 2022 |

The uncontrollable corona in China has once again created an atmosphere of panic all over the world. The world is already facing the threat of recession and the Russia-Ukraine war has added to the trouble. Even before these troubles subside, once again the outbreak of covid has created a crisis for the economies of the world. Indian Economy is also in its JD because India buys everything from electronics to organic chemicals and medical equipment from China only.

Indian pharma industries affected by China covid situation

India's pharma industry is heavily dependent on China for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and bulk drugs. There has been a huge jump in the prices of these products due to Corona in China. Over the past few days, major APIs have become costlier by 12 to 25 percent. Industrialists fear that the supply chain may be disrupted. This will reduce the margin and increase the prices of medicines. According to industry officials, there could also be a shortage of medicines.


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