China's covid-19 crisis: 3 years after getting the first case of Corona, lockdown again in Wuhan

Publish Date: 28 Oct, 2022 |

Corona has started spreading again in China. Here, in many cities in the northwest of Wuhan, a lockdown has been imposed after the cases of corona once again surfaced. Buildings in these areas are being sealed. More than 1,000 new cases of the corona were reported in China for the third consecutive day on Thursday.

New cases in Wuhan

20 to 25 new cases of corona have been registered in Wuhan. In 2019 too, a lockdown was imposed in Wuhan after the first case of corona was found. Now once again many cases have come to the fore, hence the lockdown has been imposed. Wuhan has become famous all over the world after Corona. The world's first corona case was found here at the end of 2019 and it was here that the world's first lockdown was imposed. 

The new cases of corona that have been reported in Wuhan although are modest in view of the prior experiences of this epidemic, but the zero covid policy is in force in China, so there is a lockdown and other strict arrangements to control it immediately. are done. Under the zero covid policy, the entire area is locked down when a single corona is found infected. 

China's zero covid policy 

China has implemented a very strict zero covid policy in view of Corona. Under this policy, if even a case of corona comes to the fore at any place, then that area is completely locked down. After confirming the infection for the first time in Wuhan, President Xi Jinping implemented this policy across the country. However, this policy of China has also been criticized.


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