China's Spy Ship: Entry of China's spy ship before India's Ballistic Missile Test

Publish Date: 06 Dec, 2022 |

China is once again keeping an eye on India. China's spy ship is keeping an eye on every activity of India from the Indian Ocean. According to media reports, once again China has sent its spy ship to the Indian Ocean region. India is also going to test a long-range ballistic missile next week. In such a situation, the entry of China's spy ship into the Indian Ocean is not a good sign.

India is monitoring China’s ship

China's spy ship Yuan Wang-5 entered the Indian Ocean on Monday morning through the Sunda Strait of Indonesia. Vigilant India immediately tracked him down. Sources related to the Ministry of Defense said that since then India is closely monitoring every movement of this research and space-tracking ship of China. Yuan Wang-5 weighing 20 thousand tons is equipped with spy equipment. It has huge antenna, advanced sensors and electronic equipment on which about 400 crew members are deployed. The special thing is that this spy plane of China has knocked in the Indian Ocean when a few days ago India had issued NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) regarding the proposed missile test.

Indian Navy gives statement on the matter

China is repeatedly intruding in the Indian Ocean region and the Indian Navy also reacted to this a few days ago. The Navy said on 30 November (Wednesday) that it monitors the Indian Ocean region, where 'incidents of Chinese incursions are not uncommon'. The Navy said it is committed to safeguarding the country's interests in this strategic area. Vice Admiral MA Humpy Holi , chief of the Southern Naval Command, said the Indian Navy is keeping an eye on the area with the help of satellites and maritime reconnaissance aircraft.


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