China Taiwan Tensions: After China's maneuver, now Taiwan's power show

Publish Date: 09 Aug, 2022 |

There is a tension between China and Taiwan, where a few days ago China held a war exercise near Taiwan and told about its strength to Taiwan and the world, while Taiwan is also not looking back. The Taiwan Army has started a Live-Fire Artillery Drill on Tuesday. It is believed to be a response to the massive war exercise conducted by China.

Taiwan’s comment on the exercise

Taiwan's Eighth Army Corps spokesman Lu Woi-jae, however, said Monday the exercise was already scheduled and was not being conducted in response to China's exercise. He said drills began in southern County Pingtung shortly after 0040 GMT with target flares and artillery firing.

The military said the exercises in Taipei, scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday, would involve the deployment of hundreds of soldiers and about 40 howitzers. China started large-scale military exercises earlier this week after US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, saying her visit was "a China Policy' ('One China Policy ') has been violated.

China’s warning to America

China is furious on America in this whole matter. He also warned America. Actually, the US does not officially have diplomatic relations with Taiwan. He supports China's forest policy. But the US sells weapons to him under the Taiwan Relations Act. It has been said in this law that America will give necessary help for Taiwan's self-defense. In such a situation, China is seeing the visit of Nancy Pelosi to the Taliban directly as a challenge to the One China policy. China has also threatened that this tour could also become a reason for taking up arms.


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