China threatened America after 'Spy Balloon' was shot down, said its consequences would be wrong | Spy Balloon

Publish Date: 05 Feb, 2023 |

Late on Saturday night, the US shot down a Chinese spy balloon that was circling over the northern region. By launching just one missile, America successfully lowered this spy balloon into the Atlantic Ocean. A team was also dispatched to locate and collect the balloon's debris in addition to this. China's response to this tragedy is now also being highlighted. The Foreign Ministry of China has voiced its concern about this.

China calls the US decision an overreaction

China criticized the US decision as an overreaction and a breach of normative behavior. Significantly, this US move was implemented following President Joe Biden's choice. "China expresses its profound displeasure and protest against the US use of force to shoot down a Chinese civilian airship," the Chinese Foreign Ministry stated. Instead, he ought to have handled the situation appropriately in a calm, collected, and professional manner. 

China went on to say that the US overreaction has significantly violated international practice and that Beijing will fiercely defend its lawful rights and the interests of the affected enterprises while maintaining the right to take any additional measures that may be required.


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