Chinese Spy Balloon seen in India, is India at risk?

Publish Date: 28 Feb, 2023 |


Recently, China’s spy balloons found in America are being considered as a new threat globally. A report by the Indo-Pacific Center for Strategic Communications states that several such balloons have encroached on US airspace in recent years. 

Chinese Spy Balloons spotted

According to reports, at least four balloons were spotted in Hawaii, Florida, Texas and Guam. Three of the four incidents happened during the Trump administration, but it was only recently that they were discovered to be Chinese spy balloons.

Four balloons spotted in America

According to the daily newspaper, there have been at least four balloon sightings in Hawaii, Florida, Texas and Guam in recent years, and one last week. Three of these four incidents occurred during the administration of former President Donald Trump, but were identified as Chinese surveillance vehicles only recently. 


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