CM Dhami in Champawat: Copying mafia was becoming a big threat, anti copying law helped them to overcome it

Publish Date: 24 Feb, 2023 |

Following the implementation of the anti-copying law, Champawat's youth organised the Abhinandan and Abhar rally, in which Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami is taking part. CM Dhami stated that the double engine government would not permit injustice to be done to the state's youth during this time.

CM Dhami talks about anti copying law

According to Uttarakhand's chief minister, Pushkar Singh Dhami, that state is now the first in the nation to have anti-copying legislation in place. There have been 60 people sentenced to prison for cheating on recruiting exams. The court is now in charge of them. We've completed our work. At the Radha Swami Satsang Bhavan on Kichha Road, CM Dhami took part in the youth-organized Abhinandan signature campaign programme on anti-copying law on Thursday.

According to the CM, fraud and scams have been occurring in the recruiting exams since at least the years 2015–16. Students construct their future by preparing honestly. Considering the state's lack of resources, it has been determined not to eliminate jobs. Transparent examinations will take place.


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