CM Yogi Mandir: Police removed idol, silver umbrella and offerings from Yogi's temple also 'missing'

Publish Date: 26 Sep, 2022 |

The statue of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, installed in the Shri Yogi temple built in Kalyan Bhadarsa of Ayodhya, has been removed. This action has been taken on the complaint of Ramnath Maurya, uncle of the founder of the temple, Prabhakar Maurya. The case is of Kalyan Bhadarsa of Ayodhya. Prabhakar Maurya, a young man living here, had established a temple with the idol of Yogi by worshipping in the temple in the past. There was also a silver umbrella on the statue of CM Yogi . Along with this, a video had also surfaced in which the young man was seen doing puja. The young man had said that he is a YouTuber and he had built the temple with his earnings.

Ramnath Maurya’s comment

The uncle of Prabhakar Maurya, who complained about this whole matter, says that the police and PAC had come and took the idol from the temple and this happened after his complaint. Amarjeet, a friend of Prabhakar Maurya, says that those people had come and covered the idol with a sheet and went away with the offerings. There were many policemen, after which they broke the lock and took the idol. 

Prabhakar Maurya's uncle Ramnath Maurya says that the PAC people came and broke the lock and took the idol. This happened after the complaint we had made. Local person Rajan Kumar says that it was a matter between 12 o'clock and 1 o'clock and after that it rained. The policemen came and everyone wrapped the idol in cloth and took it away. 

Police questions the family

According to the sources of the Revenue Department, in the preliminary investigation, instead of the construction of the temple, the Crop Research Centre was drafted under the Acharya Narendra Dev Agriculture and Technological University, Kumarganj.Intermittent rain obstructed the measurement of police and revenue team.

Due to this, now the measurement is likely to be done on Monday. If sources are to be believed, Prabhakar's father Jagannath Maurya and a brother have also been questioned by the police but the police are denying this too. Inspector Rajesh Singh, in-charge of Purakalandar police station said that the information about the measurement was given to Prabhakar Maurya but he went missing.


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